Product Description

Be a visionary! a Vision Board is a visual representation of your GOALS!

Get organized, get visualized, increase your motivation in style!

This Vision Board is a perfect way to display your favorite photos, images, empowering words and futuristic plans etc. 

Or use it as a Mood Board to plan your next move or party scheme!

Handy to keep notes, appointments, recipes, shopping lists, organising daily to-do’s, and planning family schedules etc.

  • Bulletin board for Vision Board Purposes and more
  • Basic wood frame board made with quality construction and designed to last for years
  • Will never crumble and is self-healing so push pin holes never show
  • Natural color
  • Shrink wrapped
  • Made of cork background


  • 35 inch width
  • Background material made of cork
  • 22.5 inch height
  • Made of wood frame
  • Natural color

Wooden Framed Cork Vision "Bulletin" Board (35 in. H x 22.5 in.)

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