1699 1799

~ 10 Tao te Ching Incense Cones: Based on the ancient parables of the “Book of Changes”, we take the pungent power of ginger (fire), and introduce myrrh (earth), cedarwood (wood), lemongrass (water) and ironweed (metal) to create these wonderfully fragrant incense cones.

~ The Dao Incense Sticks: these dhoop style sticks have a subtle sent of Sacred Sandalwood and deep forest Balsa Wood

~ The Tao Resin: based on the IChing, is an aromatic resin blend that is burned on charcoal. This incredible blend includes ambitious amber, sacred cedarwood, and precious pine

~ 3 Palo Santo Wood: also called Holy Wood, this is a naturally aromatic wood created in nature. Our source is from sustainable, wild-harvested wood from fallen trees and branches.

~ 2 charcoal rounds

Tao Te Ching Incense Sampler
1699 1799

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