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Heal your Root Chakra with the help of grounding, earthy teak wood & cardamom aromatherapy in a convenient soy candle. Helps with feeling more safe, secure, grounded and connected to Mother Earth. Clearing and opening your Root Chakra helps your abilities to manifest what you desire, generate more abundance and keep money in your life instead of psychologically spending it right away due to stuck emotions held in your Root Chakra concerning money. Visualize a ball of red light, slowly rotating clockwise, at the base of your spine (tailbone) when working with clearing your Root Chakra. It also helps to imagine a grounding cord coming from the base of your spine - connecting you deep into the center of Mother Earth.

The front features the red Muladhara sanskrit symbol

Some mantras to help you heal your root chakra:

  • I belong
  • I am worthy
  • I am grounded
  • I am safe
  • I am supported by Mother Earth
  • I manifest my desires

Great for working with your chakras during meditation to open and clear them. Also can be used during yoga or by healers performing energy work.


Root Chakra Pillar Candle 3" x 6"
2399 2599

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