Organic Tea Tree essential oil (also known as melaleuca) has long been touted for its natural power and intrinsic grit to fight against airborne threats and surface grime. The potent aroma is bracing, astringent and medicinal … similar to the uplifting scent of Eucalyptus.

Use it to support skin health, to make an all-natural all-purpose cleaner for your home, or diffuse it to fight against whatever threat has made its sneaky way through the door. Create a green clean environment with this powerful natural tool.

Relied on in traditional medicine for more than a century, our Organic Tea Tree essential oil can freshen and protect your home and family without exposing them to dangerous manufactured chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Experience the cleaning power or this pure and natural product to create a cleaner, safer, and sweetly natural space.

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

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