Its the perfect Bohemian Cocktail Ring ! 

Apache Gold: This stone is said to hold the energy of the sun and helps create a connection with the earth. 

Black Rutile Quartz: Stunning with  thin thread like web strewn across, this piece is an illuminator for the soul, promoting spiritual growth. 

Ruby in Fuchsite: This combination of two complementary colored crystals opens and activates the Crown Chakra and is helpful in deepening meditative states.

Labrodorite: A powerful healing crystal that clears and opens all chakra centers. It helps clarify intentions and goals by bringing inner wisdom and self-awareness.


Handcrafted in India

Fair trade


Brass with gold plating

*** please note that each stone is unique and will vary slightly in size and shape from the image. Stones arrive in all shapes and sizes. the new batch of stones received are not as big as the one pictured. they will be about 1 inch or less. they still have the beautiful hues like the images.   





Manjuli Raw Stone Ring

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