A Set Of Four Hexagons Can Be Hung Together In Any Pattern To Create A Lovely Display. Stunning In Multiples To Create A Large Scale Piece Of Mirrored Wall Art. The Open Frame Sets Away From The Wall To Give Added Depth And Dimension

Feng Shui inspired design is best to be placed over doors.

.***Product 1 Dimensions: 23.6x3.9x20.7***Product 2 Dimensions: 19.7x3.5x17.3**Product 2 Weight: 2***Product 3 Dimensions: 15.9x3.1x13.8**Product 3 Weight: 2***Product 4 Dimensions: 11.8x2.8x10.4**Product 4 Weight: 2

Product Height 20.7 x Product Width x 23.6 Product Depth 3.9

Feng Shui Bagua (Pa Kua)/Hexagon Antique Mirrors (4 Pieces)

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