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“Energy- the strength and wisdom present in the Dragon’s Cosmic Breath”.

According to ancient wisdom, the gentle sounds of the chimes will help create a balance of natural energies and attract Happiness and Good Fortune to your home.

The tuning of these chimes were chosen through the consultation of another great body of Chinese wisdom, the I Ching. The windcatcher at the base has been especially designed to reflect and refract light, further enhancing the chimes beneficial properties.

We recommend hanging this chime above a door or in the West or Northwest corner of your home. Wind chimes will also cure bad Feng Shui, as they not only notify you when someone is entering your space, but also disperse bad Qi and replace it with good.

Chimes hang 12 inches from top to windcatcher.

Feng Shui Cures: The front door, window or sill for proper Qi flow. Disperses negative energy and invites in good energy, Prosperity area, Creativity and Helpful People areas.

Feng Shui Energy Chimes
3799 3899

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