Crystal Grids are a spiritual tool that harness the union of energies created between healing stones, sacred geometry and your intention. 

This handmade GODDESS crystal grid set will help to ignite the divine feminine within and each crystal in the set is meant to amplify your intentions. Great set for channeling the energy for fertility and love.

The center crystal to be placed on the copper plate is a Selenite Sphere. This is a cleansing stone, and also enhances activation of the Third Eye and a connection to the higher self. Peach Moonstone has divine energy that is loving and good for fertility while quartz points will amplify your divine feminine intentions.

Each crystal for this ELEMENTS grid was chosen with clarity and love by Reiki master and crystal healer Donna Freeman. The copper disc is engraved with powerful ELEMENTS symbols: Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Designed by The FFS. 

This item is handmade, and comes with everything shown in the images including the wood grid, hand pressed copper disk and hand selected & reiki charged crystals. 


Made in the USA

Charged & Handmade GODDESS Crystal Grid with Copper Plate and Crystals

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